We were born to generate energy. Energy that drives people and businesses.
We want to build a clean, sustainable, fair and collaborative future.
We believe that every action we take today transforms our tomorrow.

But for us to truly build the future, it is important that we do it together: it is only through synergy with partners, clients and society that we will be able to generate effective transformations – and at the speed that the world needs.

It is out of this belief and the fruit of a process of co-construction that the 10 Commitments to boost people and businesses were born, as a shared navigation compass to guide us and, at the same time, as an invitation to live this journey of caring for the planet, people and prosperity together.

27 thousand

People benefited

975 thousand

Carbon Credits Generated in 2022


Municipalities Affected by the 44 projects

+ 830

people hired locally in the implementation of VDP ll, lll and Sol do Piauí

ESG Commitments

For Auren Energia, operations must be geared towards positive impacts and the preservation of life in all its forms, in line with the guiding actions proposed by the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this end, it acts in a safe and responsible manner, aiming for environmental, social, occupational health and safety performance and results that promote sharing value and tackling the challenges posed by issues related to sustainability, especially climate change and social inequality. The rules and procedures that flow from this policy must take into account legal requirements, risks and opportunities, socio-environmental aspects, technological options, economic, operational and commercial requirements and the company’s strategic planning, including its ESG strategy.

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Representations, Indexes and Certifications

Index that measures the average performance of the prices of the most widely traded and representative assets in the electricity sector.

The company's membership of ICO2 demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and preparing for a low-carbon economy.

We are included in the first IDIVERSA B3 portfolio. This achievement is the result of our firm commitment to best practices in inclusion and diversity.

The highest standard of corporate governance, which sets the benchmark in terms of transparency and governance.

Progress in ESG played a key role in the upgrade of CESP's risk rating by the MSCI ESG Research agency in 2021, resulting in the transition from the previous "BBB" rating to the current "A" rating.

At the 2023 Latin American Executive Awards, our CEO, Fabio Zanfelice, was voted the best CEO and Mario Bertoncini the best CFO, according to an analysis of research in our segment.

We received the Anefac Transparency Trophy for the quality of disclosure of its Financial Statements for the second time in a row.

In just over a year and a half since our creation, we have just joined the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), from January 2024. Being part of ISE is yet another recognition important in Auren's trajectory, as it reflects our commitment to promoting ethics, transparency and sustainability, aligned with our guidelines and values​​and reinforce our purpose of contributing to people and companies.

2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

Auren’s social initiatives and investments are related to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and from the perspective of a regenerative economy. Looking to the future, an action plan was created to meet the challenges of combating climate change, preserving biodiversity, creating solutions that promote circularity, and building a more plural, inclusive and just world with contemporary governance. In this way, Auren has set itself ambitious goals for the coming years, based on three pillars: planet (environmental), people (social) and prosperity (governance), applied to our projects, which can be seen in detail below:

Legado das Águas

Environmental conservation legacy of 35,000 hectares. Commitment to the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and Caatinga Productive forest for economic exploitation by the local community.

Parceria pela Valorização da Educação

We invest in training public elementary school administrators and engaging students' families More than 14,000 students benefited in all the states where we are present Improvement of 19% in IDEB between 2015 and 2021.

Renewable Energy Technical Course

Implementation of the Renewable Energy Technical Course in Pernambuco Partnership with the State Government and Itaú Educação e Trabalho Donation of the teaching laboratory and volunteer actions to transfer knowledge 120 students trained per year.

Gateway Programs

Gateway Programs (Internship and Young Apprentice) Partnership with Gerando Falcões Focused on social inclusion, with housing grants and career mentoring.

Acting in the Territories

Transforming the Serra do Inácio region with 21 social projects. Income Generation (REDES), in partnership with the BNDES. Bem Viver no Semiárido program, in partnership with the Banco do Brasil Foundation, child and youth protection, school reform, social inclusion and others.


Building a regenerative economy

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